Online Stress Management Training


„Effective stress management

Activate your internal potential resources! "


Self-help, self-improvement exercises for everyday life.



Effective Stress Management -

Online Master Course 


A complet Mindfulness and NLP based 3 month self development program.


Develop yourself, activate your internal potential resources according to your own time schedule!




Stress management, anxiety reduction

self - knowledge, self - development.


The possibility to join the program is continuous!



The current situation is a challenge for all of us.

I want to help as many people as possible as a psychologists to be successful and effective in this fight against stress.

Among the exercises you will find stress management psychological techniques, resource activating exercises, video recordings, guided meditation, imagination, relaxation exercises.

These exercises are aimed at discovering and activating our existing internal resources, and enable us to acquire new resources. They strengthen our so-called psychological immune system, which protects us from the harmful psychological effects of stress in the same way as our biological immune system protects us from pathogens.


When compiling the exercises I used:

- my knowledge and experience gained in psychology over 20 years,

- positive psychology,

- results of stress research,

- systems approach,

- elements of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), which show new ways of changing attitudes and behavior,

- assertive (effective self-advocacy) communication,

- non-violent communication,

- the mindfulness approach,

which helps to live in the present consciously instead of thinking of the past and worrying about the future,

and instead of our automatic thoughts and actions, it provides to us the opportunity of free choice.


The possibility to join the program is continuous!


The price is:

HUF 24900

USD 80.67

EUR 67.79

GBP 58.23



 If you would like to sign up for the Effective Stress Management - Online Master Course and receive the exercises, click on the red "Apply" button.





I apply!








Now you can give the online training even as a gift!



If you intend to use the online training as a gift, I will send a gift voucher with a unique serial number to your e-mail address within 2 days of ordering, which you can give as a gift by printing or forwarding by e-mail.


The owner of the gift can redeem the gift voucher at any time via the email and receive access to the written and video materials of the training.


The gift voucher can be redeemed once.





Application and payment process:



1. Click on the red "Apply!" button - this leads to the webshop of the website.


2. Here select "Effective Stress Management Training", click on the blue "Add to basket!" button.


3. Once you have added it to the basket, the system will automatically direct you to the checkout.


4. Here you can find your order.

Choose from the payment methods if you want to pay by bank transfer or PayPal. Mark the one that is the best for you.


5. Enter the customer's data and the invoicing name and address.


6. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter as well, if you do not want to miss the news, that is new courses, my new writings, new promotions, free programs. (You can cancel your subscription at any time later.)


7. Click the blue „Order” button.


8. Pay for the training in the way you chose.

When paying, enter the name of the course participant and the chosen "Effective Stress Management - Online Master Course" in the comment field.

If you choose payment by bank transfer, and you transfer from a foreign currency account, please use Transferwise, so that the bank cannot charge a significant settlement commission!


For transfers from abroad, the international account number (HUF account) is:


Nap-Mandala Kft


1044 Budapest, Kinizsi u. 11. Hungary


IBAN: HU08116000060000000078563577




9. You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail and an e-invoice of your order via the system.


10. On the first day of the training, via e-mail you will receive access to the Stress Management Training online interface, a total of 28 stress management - resource gathering techniques.



I wish you good luck with your practice!



Ivett Schrammel


MBCT mindfulness teacher,

NLP master practitioner -coach, therapist,

OH card instruktor


Adult education registration number: B/2020/003308 (Nap-Mandala Kft)


"Psychologist Online - Ivett Schrammel

Psychologist of Hungarians living abroad" ®




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1046 Budapest, Kinizsi u. 11. Hungary

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