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Living Abroad - from a Psychologist`s View (ebook)


Ivett Schrammel

Living Abroad – from a Psychologist’s View

How to make your dreams come true?



Every great journey is also an inner journey, to the depths of our souls. As you get to know the world, you get to know yourself.



This is the book that every person living abroad

and planning to move abroad needs.


A new book by the author of the Psychologist Online Blog,

in ebook format.


This is the writing of a psychologist who has 20 years of professional experience including 5 years of “her own experience” abroad, readers of 18,000 people, advice for people living abroad and those planning to move abroad.


So that the great adventure of your life - a fresh start, can be the realization of your goals and the fulfilment of your dreams.




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Who is this book for?


You've been planning to move abroad for a while, but you're full of insecurity, fears, and don't dare to go for it?

You'd start a new life, but you don't know how to get started?

You have been living abroad for some time, but do you feel that no one understands your difficulties and dilemmas?

You live abroad, but your expectations weren’t met and you don't know how to make your situation better?


Then this book is for you!


Why should you read it?

 Here you can find a solution to your problems!

- You can eliminate your insecurities, your fears.

- You can get to know yourself more, you can understand yourself

- You can develop your skills, your personality, you can gain new resources

- You can at last confidently carry your dreams into execution and start planning and achieving your goals.

- You can make your dreams come true abroad.

- You can find your own way, your happiness.


Why did I write this book? My story.


I have spent most of the last 10 years abroad, visiting 3 countries in 5 years, living in Austria and Malta, and the longest in Gibraltar. During this time - and ever since, to this day - I work primarily online, via Skype, as a psychologist, with my clients living abroad and in Hungary, within the framework of psychological consultation and counselling.

While living abroad, I also got down to writing that had postponed for many years, in order to share my experience and thoughts so that it could contribute to the improvement of others.


Over the years, many people have approached me with very similar problems:

- With the uncertainty, fears, doubts they had before moving.

- With the diifficulties they had after moving: adaptation- and integration problems.

- With the intensification of earlier anxiety and the emergence of new types of anxiety.

- With the difficult feelings experienced during the culture shock.

- With the lack and loss of self-confidence.

- With the tense feeling of homesickness.

- With intolerable loneliness.

- With mysterious psychosomatic symptoms.

- With the dilemma of “going or staying”.

- With the unexpected difficulties of moving home, the problem of moving back, reverse cultural shock.

I know that many people face similar problems, as moving abroad is a serious challenge for everyone. And I also know that most people feel completely alone with these problems because they don’t talk about it for a long time, they don’t ask for help, so they don’t even know how many other people share similar feelings.

This situation can be completely understood only by those who themselves have also experienced moving to another country.

This book was written to prepare those people  for the change who are planning to move abroad, to help them plan and implement, and also to support those living abroad in integrating and adapting successfully, and in understanding and processing their feelings and experiences more efficiently.

 You can read about my own experiences abroad as well as about my experience gained in the course of my work as a psychologist with my clients.

You can get a guide on how to get down to it, what to pay attention to in the great adventure of your life, in building a new life.

It is an excellent opportunity for deepening your self-knowledge and for personal development, as every great journey is also an inner journey, to the depths of our souls. While you get to know the world, you get to know yourself. This path can involve a deep inner transformation and personality development, especially if we go through it consciously.

As a bonus, in the last chapter of the book, I will also share with you the steps to effective goal planning, which, if you bring it along in theory and practice, nothing will save you from achieving your goals.





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From the content:


- Why is it worthwhile to move abroad?

- The characteristics of the stages of moving in another country: honeymoon, cultural shock, adaptation, integration

- The difficulties living abroad

- With children abroad

- Old and new relationships

- To go or to stay? - Dilemmas and choices

- Moving home and reverse cultural shock

- How can you overcome difficulties, solve problems?

- How can you integrate, start a new life successfully?

- What is necessary to take the change as something positive?

- Bonus: The secret of effective goal planning and goal realization (practical guide)


What do my current readers say about my writings?


Readers’ recommendations:


„I think the blog called „Psychologist Online” is a great source of knowledge. The thought-provoking writings of Ivett help me to get absorbed in several diverse topics and prompt me to go beyond my usual thinking processes. I find her practical advice also really useful, whether it is about the management of everyday life or getting acquainted with opportunities how to solve a certain problem. I feel that with Ivett’s help I can get closer to a more complete, conscious and healthy way of life.”

Éva (Dubai)


„Earlier I had never felt living abroad could be a challenge. I always thought that we, the people who left our home country, had been granted something much better, so I must feel better. This way I hadn’t really understood what was going on deep inside me. The blog helped me to make me understand my own feelings after putting them to the right place. Now I can already admit to myself honestly that it wasn’t that easy at all, and I can afford not to feel good all the time, even if it’s my own decision to be here where I am.

Let me congratulate on the book and I am really looking forward to reading it! Best Regards:”

Judit Knodel (Germany, Öhringen)


„I really love your blog, the positive thinking, your interesting and thought-provoking writings, what is more, the creative photos. How did your writings actually help me? Well, first of all, they certainly provided me with the vision that there is always a solution and things can be viewed from a different angle. I’m keen on reading your writings. I wish you all the best for the book, I love the cover. The thought soothes me a bit that great relief is provided by the whispering, fragrance, sight of the sea and it gets me out of the rat-race. Maybe I should travel somewhere.”

Edit Sátor (Slovakia)


„Moving abroad had been one of my most exciting ideas until the grey weekdays arrived. It is getting more and more difficult for me to bear the thought that, although I am Hungarian, still I am not.

I turned into this strange hybrid that, besides its Hungarian origin, has already a lot of English features as well. I have always thought I am a freak, and I am the only one with such feelings. Then I started reading Ivett’s writings and it helped me a lot to put this hybrid to the right place inside. It helped me a lot not to feel alone, and accept that this is a natural process that a lot of us undergo.”

Ica (England)


„These are really good writings, they open our eyes about the fact that taking a job and living abroad is not only about pink dreams. It is worth reading for those who are thinking of living abroad. We can get a lot of useful advice and we can get to know what feelings we will face with.”

Krisztina Lehel (Budapest)


„Dear Readers, you, who are reading my lines, you must know something: Reading Ivett Schrammel, the psychologist’s thoughts and advice gave as much warmth as the first sunrays in a harsh, freezing winter day!”

F. K. (Emőd)


„Dear Ivett! I love your writings, they are full of lessons, thought-provoking and show the right way to many people. In this world such experts are badly needed. In this distorted world, when the main focus is on material values, it is good that there is somebody who brings people back to reality. I wish you good health so that we can continue reading your writings for a long time and you can help a lot of people who are lost. Yours sincerely, a fan of yours.”

B. I. (Székelyudvarhely)


„For me the most useful post has been so far the one where a person was digging and right before reaching his purpose he gave it all up. The other person continued digging and reached his target. This was especially true now when I came home from Finland and my flight was delayed. 10 minutes before my bus left I had still been waiting for my luggage, I already gave up hope, thinking „I won’t catch the bus anyway!”. Then it crossed my mind not to give up, what if I still had 10 minutes, there can be miracles. I started running like Forest Gump and what a miracle that the bus was also 10 minutes late, so I could catch it because I hadn’t given it up. Never give up hope because you can never know how far your target is!”

Emőke Gáspár (England)


„Besides the teraphy the blog is a great additional help for me, I can draw a lot of energy from that even from afar, I know how to „get down to” a certain article.”

Zsuzsi (Budapest)


„I love Ivett’s writings, mainly because they are easily understandable and can be adopted to my own experience easily. They approach certain topics shortly but still from so many aspects that they provide a new perspective each time I read them again. Furthermore, the ease and nice atmosphere that I felt at Ivett, when we personally met, can be experienced in her writings as well.”

T. Andi (Budapest)




Now you can buy this book for a fraction of the hourly fee of a psychological consultation, which will help you to get by abroad and make your dreams come true!



The ebook can be ordered in pdf, epub and mobi formats.

The length of the ebook in pdf format is 208 pages.


The ebook is available in English at Smashwords, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo and at major international book distributors.




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I wish you to enjoy and develop yourself, and gain new knowledge while reading my book!


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